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Zebra stripes are incredibly fun to play with, this is definitely why God made zebras.

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Scribbling with watercolor crayons. I like the concept here…(don’t look so surprised, this reveals nothing that wasn’t revealed in the very first episode.) I suspect I would actually need acrylic or oil paints for it to look the way it looks in my head.


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your last prisoner

I was getting brave enough with my paint mixing to try to browns and burgundies…and I kind of love the way her hair came out with the blue overlaying the black.

This story is spooling into a much bigger story than I anticipated. Zare was always part of a bigger story, but the stories are turning out to be much more interwoven than I originally anticipated. It’s exciting. I’m excited, guys. I want to read it as much as you do. Maybe more.


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Water and paint

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Learning landscapes is all about shadow and light, no matter what medium you’re working in. As a kid, I favored acrylics, but now I’m learning about watercolors. Watercolors are outside my comfort zone, but they are fun and I am really enjoying playing with them.

I tend to get bogged down in details, at the same time that I get bored or frustrated with them. Watercolors are forcing me to focus on shadow and light, what is really there vs what I think I see. Watercolors are also forcing me to let go a bit, and let the picture tell its own story.

I have already taught my mind to back off and let the story tell itself (especially when revising, you probably need to spell out much less than you think you do when you’re trying to nail a scene down in your head). Now I’m learning to apply that to art.


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Zinnias in the air

I was on a plane a couple weeks ago…but I had my watercolor crayons, my water brushes, and my markers. And hours to redeem. I actually got sleepy before I was able to finish the purple zinnia with the red center…but I’ll come back to it! Bajillions of little petals are just what the doctor ordered when you are trapped, tired and a little bored.