The Legend of Zare Caspian


Feral fourth child of the royal household, Zare Ayglara Caspian of Galhara, is just glad to be alive and have her family with her. Last year her city burned before the armies of the Nether Queen, Narya Magnifique. Now Zare’s family is hiding in plain sight as members of a traveling circus as it crosses the Nether Queen’s growing domain. Soon they’ll be safely beyond the borders and can start a new life in exile.

But everything changes one night when Zare pulls an injured rebel out of a river and discovers that hope is not lost yet.


She is the last living heir of Galhara–so far as anyone knows. Her continued survival is an embarrassment to the Empress Narya Magnifique of Daiesen Bay, and Zare flaunts her name like sardines to a seagull to keep the Empress from seeing what’s really afoot. After all, being a mercenary just pays the bills.


Infamous. Wanted. Absurdly fictionalized. She is determined to topple the Empress draining the life from Daiesen. So determined that she takes daring jobs which bring her closer and closer to the heart of the mystery and wicked magic of the Empress’s rise.

Embark on an adventure…

The River Rebellion (read here)

The Badlands Job (read on Patreon)

The Hoopskirt Job (read here)

The Flintlock Job (read here)



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We found Eliah in the woods outside town. “Where’s Quill?” she demanded. “Not here,” I replied. “We need to move.” I swung onto Hook’s back and spun him east. Eliah didn’t ask for more explanation. We moved as fast as we dared through the woods. It was tough going in the dark, and Eliah needed …


The guards were not fast enough to stop me. By the time the officers burst in we met them with blades that flashed bloodred in the lamplight. They fell, one struck by Azzad and the other by Ayglos, crumpling in a heap at our feet. We waited for a long moment. There was nothing but …

9-The Search

I have given up trying to sell the lodge. Waxwell has spread rumors about me and the lodge, and if I persist in trying to sell it I think I might lose all credibility with the Guilds. I’ll be damned if they’ll reduce me to giving it away. I’ll keep it and pay taxes on …

Cast of Characters

Galhara – The city which guards the mouth of the Bay. The castle sits on a cliff overlooking the mouth of the bay.

Zare Caspian – Daughter of Zam Caspian of Galhara and Ayglara Ymbries of Daiesen.

Zam Caspian/Zam the Great – exiled king of Galhara

Namal Caspian – Son of Zam the Great, crown prince of Galhara

Ayglara Ymbries -Princess of Daiesen, Queen of Galhara.

Ayglos Caspian – second son of Zam the Great

Nadine Caspian – First daughter of Zam the Great

Remko Cuore – The Captain of the King’s Guard in Galhara

Boitumelo M’onyaji – the Royal Physician of Galhara

Machlah – The King’s Steward of Galhara

The Circus

Olena – Fire spinning friend of Zare’s from circus. Crushes on Ayglos.

Balleck – Fire spinning special friend of Zare’s from circus

Gabe/Gabreal – Circus Strongman, married to Adva

Adva – Acrobat, married to Gabe

Dalyn – The city controlling the Bandui River, which flows from the Magron Mountains down to Daiesen Bay. Dalyn was the wealthiest of the Eight Bay Cities, once upon a time.

Quill/Quill Silver/Quilleran Rhydderick – Captain of the King’s Guard, Zare rescued him in Gillenwater. Last of a long line holding the King’s Shield.

Jemin – Barrel chested soldier who teaches Zare how to blend into a crowd

Vaudrin Lakeside – Quill’s blond haired blue eyed second in command.

Ironsides Bairdwynder – Formerly of the King’s Guard, long ago. Keeps a low profile at a manor in the countryside with his two sons.

Tarr Kegan – King of Dalyn.

Trinh Kegan – Rightful King of Dalyn, lately returned from being presumed dead six years ago when Dalyn fell, Shyr Valla disappeared, and everything went to hell.

Hesperide/Hess/Hestria – Tarr Kegan’s true love, mother of two of his children, cousin of Quill.

Naran – Son of Hess and Tarr. Rightful crown prince of Dalyn.

Rawyn Drayk – Kindly doctor, who only wishes to heal. He is brought to patch up Zam, and later Zare.

Lucius Tene – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree. Family estates are along the Market Road.

Belledi Valredes – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiee. Family owns most of the fishing boats on the river.

Touli Hasreda – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree.

Bekren Derren – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree.

Domjoa – a master thief who Zare breaks out of prison.

Moonie – the horse thief, who Zare breaks out of prison.

Haystack – the vandal, who Zare breaks out of prison.

Shayn – the murderer who Zare breaks out of prison.

Baldric – Trinh’s second in command

Rakov – One of Trinh’s knights.

Rae’d – The lucky one

Tomas – One of Trinh’s knights.

Jasem  – One of Trinh’s knights.

Eliah – Markswoman

Athrynel Hasredda – Markswoman

Gyreon Drayk – Left doctoring to be a soldier