Cast of Characters

Galhara – The city which guards the mouth of the Bay. The castle sits on a cliff overlooking the mouth of the bay.

Zare Caspian – Daughter of Zam Caspian of Galhara and Ayglara Ymbries of Daiesen.

Zam Caspian/Zam the Great – exiled king of Galhara

Namal Caspian – Son of Zam the Great, crown prince of Galhara

Ayglara Ymbries -Princess of Daiesen, Queen of Galhara.

Ayglos Caspian – second son of Zam the Great

Nadine Caspian – First daughter of Zam the Great

Remko Cuore – The Captain of the King’s Guard in Galhara

Boitumelo M’onyaji – the Royal Physician of Galhara

Machlah – The King’s Steward of Galhara

The Circus

Olena – Fire spinning friend of Zare’s from circus. Crushes on Ayglos.

Balleck – Fire spinning special friend of Zare’s from circus

Gabe/Gabreal – Circus Strongman, married to Adva

Adva – Acrobat, married to Gabe

Dalyn – The city controlling the Bandui River, which flows from the Magron Mountains down to Daiesen Bay. Dalyn was the wealthiest of the Eight Bay Cities, once upon a time.

Quill/Quill Silver/Quilleran Rhydderick – Captain of the King’s Guard, Zare rescued him in Gillenwater. Last of a long line holding the King’s Shield.

Jemin – Barrel chested soldier who teaches Zare how to blend into a crowd

Vaudrin Lakeside – Quill’s blond haired blue eyed second in command.

Ironsides Bairdwynder – Formerly of the King’s Guard, long ago. Keeps a low profile at a manor in the countryside with his two sons.

Tarr Kegan – King of Dalyn.

Trinh Kegan – Rightful King of Dalyn, lately returned from being presumed dead six years ago when Dalyn fell, Shyr Valla disappeared, and everything went to hell.

Hesperide/Hess/Hestria – Tarr Kegan’s true love, mother of two of his children, cousin of Quill.

Naran – Son of Hess and Tarr. Rightful crown prince of Dalyn.

Rawyn Drayk – Kindly doctor, who only wishes to heal. He is brought to patch up Zam, and later Zare.

Lucius Tene – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree. Family estates are along the Market Road.

Belledi Valredes – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiee. Family owns most of the fishing boats on the river.

Touli Hasreda – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree.

Bekren Derren – A young lord in Dalyn, Zare meets him at Khattmali’s soiree.

Domjoa – a master thief who Zare breaks out of prison.

Moonie – the horse thief, who Zare breaks out of prison.

Haystack – the vandal, who Zare breaks out of prison.

Shayn – the murderer who Zare breaks out of prison.

Baldric – Trinh’s second in command

Rakov – One of Trinh’s knights.

Rae’d – The lucky one

Tomas – One of Trinh’s knights.

Jasem  – One of Trinh’s knights.

Eliah – Markswoman

Athrynel Hasredda – Markswoman

Gyreon Drayk – Left doctoring to be a soldier

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