that one job

That job we’ll always refer back to. It was exotic. It was risky. It was when we stopped lying to ourselves. It’s also when you made me wear that ridiculous dress. #hoopskirtjob


I shouldn’t have been looking over my shoulder; I should have been running. Those two horsemen had overcome our little roadblock faster than they were supposed to. My foot caught on a stone and I stumbled. Thinking a few choice words, I staggered and dove toward the side of the road. I just had to…

I looked for you

This is an art piece I did for my novel–it’s set in the same world as Zare. In fact it’s about Shyr Valla–the first city Narya Magnific conquered, the one Quill says was wiped off the land as if it had never been. The novel isn’t finished, but Zare is helping. She’s the best.

Shining Sea

Running a bit behind this week due to a really crazy past couple weeks. Salt water wasn’t the only thing keeping me busy, but it definitely contributed some of the best pictures. Zare will return next week. Hope you had a lovely Easter celebration!

Find the lucky one

I have always loved the Irish–there is a solid smattering of the British Isles in my blood, but I married a man whose Irish lineage is much more prominent. St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal for us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is, of course, more to the Irish than…

We were together

I forget the rest. I drew this picture back when I was publishing The Badlands Job. I guess it’s kind of a spoiler for those of you who started with The River Rebellion!


What do you give your writer wife  for your 5 year anniversary? The traditional gift is wood, so, there is really only one logical option. I love it.