What’s next?

Hi Everyone!

What’s next for Zare now that the Hoop Skirt Job is over? I’m planning to take a few weeks to focus on editing The River Rebellion and The Badlands Job. I’m not 100% sure what story I’ll tell next, but I have a feeling we’ll be returning to the Empire so you can see the inside of Narya’s reign.

I’m also looking into other platforms to see if there is a better place to be found by readers. Eventually, of course, all of these stories will be published in book form and available on Amazon and anywhere else I can manage it, and I’m also aware that plenty of people use Kindle as a publishing platform not unlike this serial. Imagine reading Zare in three chunks, 4 to 6 months apart, instead of sixty three chunks roughly a week apart?

Does that appeal to you more than the serialized version?

It’s an idea I’m exploring, though I confess I’m not wild about it.

Apparently Kindle is launching a serialized story platform, so I’ll be looking into that as a possible other distribution method.

I’ll be releasing Badlands in Chapter format to Patrons . Might be a little confusing since it’s now set before Hoopskirt. I apparently can’t tell a big story in order. XD

The Jobs both clock in around 80k words, and the Rebellion is right around 130k words. If it gets much longer in edits (doubtful) I may have to split it. I don’t love that idea, though. So far for every thousand words I’ve added in fleshing out plot, I’ve cut a thousands words in excess.

Fun fact, Charles Dickens and Dostoyevsky both published their novels serially in magazines. Of course, Dickens owned his magazine and Dostoyevsky did not, but they both wrote voluminous manuscripts.