What’s next?

I’m not 100% sure what story I’ll tell next, but I have a feeling we’ll be returning to the Empire so you can see the inside of Narya’s reign.

the badlands job

“Remember that time we had to cross a wasteland?” “You mean the one with man-eating lizards the size of a horse…why?”  


In the Badlands Job, Zare meets a kiroen, a unicorn, named Rosh. Long story short: she now owes Rosh a favor.


Unicorns–or kiroen as they are called in Zare’s world–haven’t made an appearance in the River Rebellion. But this is how I imagine Rosh, the kiroen Zare meets in the Badlands Job.

We were together

I forget the rest. I drew this picture back when I was publishing The Badlands Job. I guess it’s kind of a spoiler for those of you who started¬†with¬†The River Rebellion!