There is a giant space gerbil named Cort in my brother’s epic sci fi web serial (you should check it out!) and I’ve been trying to put together some art for him. Trouble is…gerbils are just so dang adorable.

The Un-funeral

It’s hardly fair to Thomdal. He was a gentle soul and everyone in the village liked him while he lived. But I was willing to bet good money that the only one listening to the eulogy was Priest Bayer and that was only because he was giving it. Every eye was fixed on the open…

The Nutcracker Sweet

*Special Christmas Edition – The Nutcracker Sweet* By Abigail CR December, 2013 It would be fun, the horse said. Stop the evil rat, the horse said. Be the soldier. Save the toymaker’s livelihood. Save the toys. Become who you were made to be. This is the last time that I am going to follow the…

First line of last paragraph of page 51

Looking for Zare? Click here for Episode 44! The book: Wings of Dawn, by Sigmund Brouwer. The line: He clapped his hands twice. The creation: He clapped his hands twice. Nothing happened. Strange, it’s always worked before. He kicked the interface and clapped again. this time the ship hummed to life and the lights on the…

Life as a Side Kick

Looking for Zare? Click here for Episode 44! There are a lot of perks to being a sidekick: All the adventure you could want and almost none of the responsibility–it’s the hero’s job to save the day, you just have to help. Plus, you usually survive disasters, which I’ve always found appealing. No, life as a…


This is not a Zare related drawing. Just in case anyone got worried! It’s actually an older piece of mine, but I’m fond of it. This acrylic on paper.

Lady warrior

Clothes are hard to draw. I need to practice more.

Fang and Seyba’s wagon

I’m learning that wagons are extremely hard to draw–straight lines and boxes aren’t my strong suit. Though, the hardest part is the wheel. I have an embarrassingly hard time drawing wheels. I must find them boring, and therefore feel no motivation to practice so it isn’t a monster fight every time I try to draw a…


What do you give your writer wife  for your 5 year anniversary? The traditional gift is wood, so, there is really only one logical option. I love it.