I’ve been trying to practice layering with ink pencils, and also mixing media more often.

Black Horse

When I’m stressed, I draw horses. Course…I also just draw horses. So, it’s not really a reliable indicator.


In the Badlands Job, Zare meets a kiroen, a unicorn, named Rosh. Long story short: she now owes Rosh a favor.


I found a picture of a mounted archer and decided to practice with the intense ink sticks–big unwieldy things–forcing myself to rely on bigger, sweeping strokes of vivid color. After I accidentally dumped out my–carefully arranged and color coded–case and having to painstakingly find each stick’s proper home, I got to work. It was good…

mounter archer

It’s been a bit crazy for me the past few months. I’m just now starting to get enough traction to write again–put out a couple hundred words the other night! Baby steps, right? The past couple days have also seen me working on some watercolor pieces. I’m attempting to come up with and capture more…


Unicorns–or kiroen as they are called in Zare’s world–haven’t made an appearance in the River Rebellion. But this is how I imagine Rosh, the kiroen Zare meets in the Badlands Job.

Night Horse art

I promise story is coming, but today’s progress was deleting 900 words. Yeah, it was one of those times. I was on a trip recently and produced this ink pencil horse in black. I was thinking about Hook and the Black Stallion and van Gogh’s Starry Night. Though I guess that last one is hard…


Late Spring/early Summer is apparently a rough time on my writing! IĀ apologize for the interrupted posting. It’s when all the travel wraps up that I tumble flat on my creative face and find that coloring books are about all I can manage. That and practicing my penmanship. I promise I’m working on the story, too….


I always liked what God had to say about horses–holding them up as an object lesson for Job about how awesome and powerful God is.