23-The Trees

For the space of a few heartbeats, we stared after Ilya Terr like owls blinking in the sun. Quill turned to me, “What was in that note?” “Nothing flattering to the elves,” I said. After a beat I added, “Drivel about purity of the moors and bringing strength to the Wuhn.” “You Angari,” muttered Mihalak,…

22-Out of the Bag

“That idiot,” I said. Lovesick loon, indeed. “Damn him,” Druskin cursed again. “They can’t have gotten far.” I tucked the note in my pocket and headed for Quill’s bedroll. Crouching, I shook his shoulder. “Quill. Wake up.” His hand snaked out and caught my wrist, pulling me down as he rolled and flipped me under…

21 – Into the Hills

Three days passed and the moors gave way to rocky hills scattered with trees. I stayed close to the Countess whenever we rode, and Galo stayed close to her whenever we rested. Once or twice we saw figures in the distance and moved to lower ground to avoid detection. If the elves thought it was…

20 – Traveling companions

“You are damn lucky I like you,” I jabbed Quill’s chest with my finger. “Is that why you work with me?” “When you still work with them?” I jerked my chin toward the fire where Rakov was sitting. “Indeed,” Quill was still smiling, I could hear it in his voice, but he shook his head….

16-Knives at Night

  We were already running when a sentry shouted the alarm. More torches followed the first and the carriage started to smoke and burn. I drew my knives and saw blades flashing in Quill’s hands as we charged—barefoot—back toward the camp. Men ran toward the burning carriage, themselves just silhouettes against the dying campfires. “It’s…

92-Into Danger

  The next part was my idea. Trinh’s tunnel connected us to the warren of narrow passages the guard and the servants used to move about the palace, and there we divided. Rakov and Trinh went ahead to scout Naran and Hess’s quarters while the rest of us went to get Hew, Naran’s favorite hound,…


I’ve been trying to practice layering with ink pencils, and also mixing media more often.

Black Horse

When I’m stressed, I draw horses. Course…I also just draw horses. So, it’s not really a reliable indicator.

Fan wear

One of my old friends sent me these pictures of her representing Zare at her aerial class. Totally made my day–one, to see her wearing my t-shirt, and two, to see her rocking such an awesome hobby!

To Change a Mind

Click here for Episode 54. “Sometimes if you want to change a man’s mind, you have to change the mind of the man next to him first.” This is one of my favorite quotes from The King of Attolia. Are you excited for the new Attolia book, Thick as Thieves, which comes out later this month? You can…