Water Horse

When I set out to draw something in particular these days, I end up browsing Pinterest for reference pictures, and end up working off of one or two. I never used to work from pictures, but I’m finding it really helps me improve; learn how to draw new things, new angles. Also, searching for Mustangs…

ink sketches

Just messing around in a meeting. Sketching helps me pay attention and stay engaged. Plus, good practice.

The Hoopskirt Job

  The Hoopskirt Job was a memorable job for Zare and Quill…hoop skirts, assassins…good times…  

16-A Plan

* “I am very sorry for the loss of your city,” said Quill through gritted teeth, bringing me back to the present as I peeled the last layer bandage away from his leg. The wound was still an angry red hole, but I thought it looked a bit better. The riding had been significantly kinder…


This is Hook, rendered in ink and ink pencil. Every now and then I indulge and throw myself into drawing a horse. Alright, fine, perhaps it happens often. In my mind, he is somewhere between a Lusitano and an Arabian in build and carriage.

Fang and Seyba’s wagon

I’m learning that wagons are extremely hard to draw–straight lines and boxes aren’t my strong suit. Though, the hardest part is the wheel. I have an embarrassingly hard time drawing wheels. I must find them boring, and therefore feel no motivation to practice so it isn’t a monster fight every time I try to draw a…

circus concept art

Before I realized that large tents are unwieldy for medieval/Renaissance transportation, her flaming ring of fire was just suspended with nearly invisible cables. Cirque du Solei would have been proud.

The glass tree concept

There is an astonishing lack of glass trees on the internet. I can see a resplendent work of green glass in my minds eye, but I can’t quite translate it to paper. That’s what words are for, I guess.