Lady warrior

Clothes are hard to draw. I need to practice more.


Late Spring/early Summer is apparently a rough time on my writing! I¬†apologize for the interrupted posting. It’s when all the travel wraps up that I tumble flat on my creative face and find that coloring books are about all I can manage. That and practicing my penmanship. I promise I’m working on the story, too….


I knew from researching drawing programs for my tablet that there are quite a few for smartphones. ¬†Some people text, do social media or flash games-i’m over here like “Look! It behaves like paper!” P.S. drawing with your fingertips is hard!

Blue clothes

A good middle class outfit for Zare. Messing around with ink pencils again.

in-process acrylic

Snapped a picture of my current project–a little tribute to fox hunting, which is a big deal where I live. Before you panic, they don’t actually catch the fox these days. At least not the club I’ve been out with. These hounds don’t even know what they are chasing, but they do love to chase….

sketches – Hawkgirl

Shayera, Hawkgirl…one of my favorite characters from the Justice League. There isn’t a lot of Hawkgirl memorabilia out there, so I thought I’d start working on some. I imagine more will turn up since she’s a character on a new live action show (Legends of Tomorrow), but I’m old school and like the old JLA…

electronic sketches

I bought a Surface Pro this spring, partly due to the drawing apps that you can use with it. It was a bigger learning curve than I was expecting, but I do love this tablet.

mastering a pose

I tend to get a picture in my head and draw it over and over and over until I feel I’ve actually drawn it well. In this case I was desperately trying to come up with a silhouette for the cover of The Badlands Job. Granted, we’re still in the editing stage (somewhat complicated by…