22-Out of the Bag

“That idiot,” I said. Lovesick loon, indeed. “Damn him,” Druskin cursed again. “They can’t have gotten far.” I tucked the note in my pocket and headed for Quill’s bedroll. Crouching, I shook his shoulder. “Quill. Wake up.” His hand snaked out and caught my wrist, pulling me down as he rolled and flipped me under…

21 – Into the Hills

Three days passed and the moors gave way to rocky hills scattered with trees. I stayed close to the Countess whenever we rode, and Galo stayed close to her whenever we rested. Once or twice we saw figures in the distance and moved to lower ground to avoid detection. If the elves thought it was…

20 – Traveling companions

“You are damn lucky I like you,” I jabbed Quill’s chest with my finger. “Is that why you work with me?” “When you still work with them?” I jerked my chin toward the fire where Rakov was sitting. “Indeed,” Quill was still smiling, I could hear it in his voice, but he shook his head….


I sketched this scene out with watercolors the other week, it’s such poignant moment for Zare. The first real loss you see her face beyond doubt. Her city, the old life, even the other people in her life she’s lost or left behind were all “off screen.” Most, also, were almost a year behind her…


Practicing clothes, bows, and warriors.  


I am working on a piece to capture the ghostly figure of “Nelia of Legend” at the Bridge at Cymerie. It’s not done, but I really like where it’s going. ne, but I like where it’s going.

mounter archer

It’s been a bit crazy for me the past few months. I’m just now starting to get enough traction to write again–put out a couple hundred words the other night! Baby steps, right? The past couple days have also seen me working on some watercolor pieces. I’m attempting to come up with and capture more…


Click here for Episode 54. Pinterest is a vast resource of images from which to practice your art. This was practiced off a piece linked here. Practice, practice, practice, right? I don’t properly know what character this might be. Not Zare, I think. Perhaps A’rora, who you have not met. Yet.