96-Blood and Blade

  I felt her presence only a heartbeat before her voice slivered through the darkness, “Well, well, well. Look who we have here.” I turned, fighting the irrational terror that assaulted my senses. Lamplight was already brushing her clothing as she approached, and I shifted my grip on my knives. I didn’t dare look over…


I sketched this scene out with watercolors the other week, it’s such poignant moment for Zare. The first real loss you see her face beyond doubt. Her city, the old life, even the other people in her life she’s lost or left behind were all “off screen.” Most, also, were almost a year behind her…

88-Cold as Ice

  My dress immediately became deadweight as we sank into the black water. For the moment, I didn’t mind, as I watched the light from the palace obscured by the figures chasing us. I was still holding onto Quill, pulling him into the depths with me. Quill didn’t fight me but shifted behind me to…


  I spun to see Lucius Tene smiling at me, a glass of wine in his hand, blue eyes sparkling. “I did not expect to see you here tonight.” I managed a smile, “Lord Tene,” and dipped in a hasty curtsy. “Is this your brother?” Lucius looked over my shoulder at Namal. “Yes,” I fumbled,…


One day I will write A’rora’s story.

book dress

Practicing with the inktense, and markers, and metallic.


Trying to focus on shadow and light.


Trinh is one of my favorite heroes to paint, and one of the hardest to write. Enjoyed pushing myself with the watercolors, also.

83-Scheme within Scheme

  The second day after meeting with Mistress Cadenera, Trinh arrived at our little apartment and closeted himself in the office with Namal. My brother and I had just finished a couple hours of sparring in the desolate warehouse, and after I cleaned up I sat down at the top of the stairs to try…