This is one of my earlier electronic sketches, learning how to use layers to my advantage. Originally I’d conceived this as Zare going back to visit the ruins of Galhara, but it could also be Zare exploring the ruined villa. Though, far too green to be the ruined villa–it is, after all, fall there.


We were pretty close to having a Zare episode today. I wrote for hours yesterday–and still didn’t get one finished. But I got a lot of things worked out. So. That’s good. Bodes well for next week! In the mean time, I have this: Yup, I made myself a tee shirt! I kind of love…

Find the lucky one

I have always loved the Irish–there is a solid smattering of the British Isles in my blood, but I married a man whose Irish lineage is much more prominent. St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal for us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is, of course, more to the Irish than…

President’s Day

It’s a national holiday here in the US, Zare will be back next week!  

Concept art-Zare fights

I have a new drawing program that I’m┬álearning how to use. Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio 5) can do a lot and I’m over here like “Wait…how do I select that?” But I’m loving the program anyway. Have a look at peasant-dressed Zare whipping out Shiharr and Azzad.