This is the watercolor equivalent of doodling. When I squint, I really like the way it looks.


There is a giant space gerbil named Cort in my brother’s epic sci fi web serial (you should check it out!) and I’ve been trying to put together some art for him. Trouble is…gerbils are just so dang adorable.


In the Badlands Job, Zare meets a kiroen, a unicorn, named Rosh. Long story short: she now owes Rosh a favor.


Had some fun the the new turquoise water color.


A’rora is different from Zare. She is the inheriting royal, she is queenly. Which isn’t  to say she isn’t also formidable.


Every now and then it only takes one try to totally nail exactly what you saw in your mind’s eye. I treasure these moments.

fire spinning

A bit of a blast from the past, but I wanted to see what watercolor did with fire. This is Balleck.

mounter archer

It’s been a bit crazy for me the past few months. I’m just now starting to get enough traction to write again–put out a couple hundred words the other night! Baby steps, right? The past couple days have also seen me working on some watercolor pieces. I’m attempting to come up with and capture more…

Fan wear

One of my old friends sent me these pictures of her representing Zare at her aerial class. Totally made my day–one, to see her wearing my t-shirt, and two, to see her rocking such an awesome hobby!