Inktense on gesso. It’s almost like paint.


I have several different versions of this in my notebooks. Still haven’t managed to make it come out quite the way I want.

Fun with watercolor

I have this color called bloodstone. I mix it with phthalo blue and ultramarine and have all the best fun.

All the Watercolor

I went a little crazy the other night. You can tell the dress was the culmination of the evening’s practice. By far the best use of light and dark. Also another chapter in me torturing mixed media paper and forcing it to carry watercolors (which, its not REALLY meant for…hence wrinkles).


I’ve been trying to practice layering with ink pencils, and also mixing media more often.

watercolor spread

Uncommon page mates that came out pretty well. Tandem stories on neighboring pages.


Archetypes are a thing. Stories are wonderful things.