Fire Horse

I have a new design up on Redbubble. Christmas week I just had a hankering to draw a horse–my favorite kind of horse to draw, the Arabian.

Arabians and their daughter breed, the Thoroughbred, are high energy horses–often referred to as “hot” or more poetically “fiery.”

There is a half Thoroughbred horse where I ride who I will probably always refer to as a colt–because he acts like one. Always active and getting into trouble, he has a deep desire to work, to run,  to do stuff, and be the center of attention.  He is not afraid of much, but he’ll spook at imaginary things for an excuse to gallop across his pasture. Then he’ll prance, stamping and rearing just because he can. Last week he was plucking the fence like a guitar.

Some horses are made of fire.


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This is Hook, rendered in ink and ink pencil. Every now and then I indulge and throw myself into drawing a horse. Alright, fine, perhaps it happens often.

In my mind, he is somewhere between a Lusitano and an Arabian in build and carriage.



Ink pencils are fairly new to me, but I fell pretty hard for them once we met. They forced me to learn about blending colors–but they also rewarded me extremely well when I did. I’m getting better with them, and they are so much fun to use.

They are like water color pencils, but better. You lay down the color with the pencil, and then activate the pigment with water on a brush. You essentially get two chances to blend. Once the water and pigment dry, however, they are permanent. Which I love because it means you can add layers of color. You can go back and add details or shading–which fits much better with my drawing style than having to get it all in place before adding water.

It’s also easier to mix with pen and ink, and I’m all about mixing media.