Day Dreaming

I had this idea the other day…Zare Caspian t-shirts. One friend got excited, another looked at me like I was crazy. I know, I know…it’s not Star Wars or a movie or part of internet pop culture like Looking For Group or XKCD (yet). But this is the age of fandoms, and wearing your geekery proudly. I have a collection of geeky t shirts that just make me happy.

But what books have t-shirts? Would anyone even wear a book based t-shirt? I think so. If someone had given me a Misty of Chincoteague t-shirt when I was 12 I would have worn it into the ground and asked for another.

Pride & Prejudice has t-shirts. So does Percy Jackson. (Granted, Percy Jackson has a movie, also, and so does P&P, but they are books first and foremost, more than even LotR at this point, in culture’s eyes).

As it turns out, there are plenty of books that have t-shirts. Best sellers and required reading, but still.

Then I got to thinking…what book would I wear a t-shirt for? Possibly Pride&Prejudice. Or Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie. If I found a cool Beowulf t-shirt I might wear that. As much as I like The Hunger Games, I wouldn’t wear a Hunger Games t-shirt just on principle (merchandising seems to fly in the face of the books, doesn’t it?).

The Attolia Books. Definitely the Attolia Books. In fact, why aren’t there any of these? Google reveals only a handful of sad little Cafe Press designs. I wonder if I could design one.

The Thief, book 1

Basically, if there was a cool t-shirt for a book that I loved, and it was a reasonable price, there is a good chance I’d buy it.

Couldn’t hurt to tamper around with Zare Caspian design ideas. Maybe, if nothing else, I’ll make myself a cool t-shirt to wear. Maybe someone else will want one, too.

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