Update on Zare

Hey Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January. 2021 was an incredibly busy year for me, and I have been quite remiss in keeping you up to date here on what’s happening with Zare.

First off:

I finished implementing edits to The River Rebellion! Remember that story that was 130k words long, and I published it on here over the course of 2 years? Well. It’s still 130k words long, but there was a moment there where it was more like 90k XD You know, the awkward moment where you delete a section that wasn’t working but haven’t written the new version yet. Whew, it was a tense moment.

The story is a lot better now. I’ve sent it back to my editor for a second round.


You already know this, but I finished writing the Hoopskirt Job!! This story is close to my heart, and years in coming, and I’m really thrilled with how it came out.

With much trepidation, I have sent Hoopskirt off to my editor.



I also finished edits on The One That Started it All: The Badlands Job. It’s really more of a novella, especially compared to the others. Badlands has also taken a trip to the editor.

My poor editor.

This isn’t even the entire series.

I expect edits back the end of February. After that, I will be working on pulling together all the pieces to finally publish a book book.

You know, a physical one that you can hold in your hands and thrust into your bestie’s hands and say “You MUST read this now.”

I’m working out the best order in which to publish the stories in actual book form. Right now I think I’ll publish them in chronological order, so River Rebellion, Badlands, then Hoopskirt. But it’ll be book 1, book 1.5, book 2, and then…..and then there is still a book 3 and a book 4, at least. Evaluating if I need to rethink all the titles, also. I love the vague western feel to the titles for a high fantasy series, but is it the best idea? What do you think?

Printed out the River Rebellion for a read through. It’s a big baby!


I have been working on the next story since November. I took time off new story production to get editing done, and I a little bit regret the break from generating new material because it has been tough to get going! I’ve thrown out thousands of words, and started over three times. This actually isn’t unusual for me starting a story–what’s unusual is Hoopskirt, which just started strong and kept rolling. My efforts were definitely stymied by the holidays and some travel–which is to be expected but I never expect it. I think I’ve got the story rolling now, though.

My goal is, as it has been, to launch the next serial in February. So stay tuned.


Patrons, you’ve got another Chapter of the new version of the Badlands Job in your inboxes, so be sure to check for that!

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