Black Horse

When I’m stressed, I draw horses. Course…I also just draw horses. So, it’s not really a reliable indicator.


Looking for Zare? Click here for Episode 48 It looked better before water, so that’s the picture you see! Live and learn!

Fire horse

Looking for Zare? Click here for Episode 44! I kind of love this tee shirt, if I do say so myself. It’s super soft (it’s the new tri-blend shirt at Redbubble) and a little roomy for a relaxed fit.I like it’s looks with the sleeves cuffed, but I have not the gift of making them stay…

Night Horse art

I promise story is coming, but today’s progress was deleting 900 words. Yeah, it was one of those times. I was on a trip recently and produced this ink pencil horse in black. I was thinking about Hook and the Black Stallion and van Gogh’s Starry Night. Though I guess that last one is hard…


I knew from researching drawing programs for my tablet that there are quite a few for smartphones.  Some people text, do social media or flash games-i’m over here like “Look! It behaves like paper!” P.S. drawing with your fingertips is hard!


I always liked what God had to say about horses–holding them up as an object lesson for Job about how awesome and powerful God is.

ink sketches

Just messing around in a meeting. Sketching helps me pay attention and stay engaged. Plus, good practice.

Fire Horse

I have a new design up on Redbubble. Christmas week I just had a hankering to draw a horse–my favorite kind of horse to draw, the Arabian. Arabians and their daughter breed, the Thoroughbred, are high energy horses–often referred to as “hot” or more poetically “fiery.” There is a half Thoroughbred horse where I ride…


This is Hook, rendered in ink and ink pencil. Every now and then I indulge and throw myself into drawing a horse. Alright, fine, perhaps it happens often. In my mind, he is somewhere between a Lusitano and an Arabian in build and carriage.