Fire horse

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I kind of love this tee shirt, if I do say so myself. It’s super soft (it’s the new tri-blend shirt at Redbubble) and a little roomy for a relaxed fit.I like it’s looks with the sleeves cuffed, but I have not the gift of making them stay cuffed.

You can get your own here, if you like:


5 Replies to “Fire horse”

      1. I get that. But, the tail flame is rather extreme. It would be worse if the tail was straight up. But, it curves up so sharply. The mane flames are fine, arising from the tilt of the head. I’d leave the tail down but casting wisps of flame toward the sky.

        I was puzzling over the posture of the front leg. I figured, maybe, if this were an astrological horse, symbolizing a sign like Sagittarius, the extension of the leg might be a symbolic representation of being socially active. Maybe it’s a social/friendly/flirty horse. That would be fitting. Otherwise, the leg looked odd.


    1. Writingbolt: Ahh, the leg is raised because the horse is performing the Spanish walk, or prancing/striking/otherwise showing off. They are quite spectacular when they show off. I’ll have to experiment with more designs, though. The down tail is an interesting idea.

      Deanne, oh, that would be fun! I’ve been quite pleased with the quality of every product I’ve ordered. They hold up well, too. We’ve got some shirts from them that get much wear and are still going strong after years.


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