Practicing clothes, bows, and warriors.  


This is one of my earlier electronic sketches, learning how to use layers to my advantage. Originally I’d conceived this as Zare going back to visit the ruins of Galhara, but it could also be Zare exploring the ruined villa. Though, far too green to be the ruined villa–it is, after all, fall there.


I knew from researching drawing programs for my tablet that there are quite a few for smartphones.  Some people text, do social media or flash games-i’m over here like “Look! It behaves like paper!” P.S. drawing with your fingertips is hard!

Jemin and Line

Jemin is a burly man. Not terribly tall, but if you charge him, you will bounce off.

The Hoopskirt Job

  The Hoopskirt Job was a memorable job for Zare and Quill…hoop skirts, assassins…good times…  

A little fun for Christmas

All creation celebrates the birth of our Savior, and so do all fantasy creatures. I made the Wulvern a shepherd…before thinking about the irony. Now it makes me laugh.    

Tees for book fans

Remember this post? No, I didn’t make Zare shirts–not yet (too soon?). BUT…I finally made a tee shirt for the Attolia books! This is not the first tee shirt I’ve designed–college fencing club for the win!–but it’s the first one I’ve done by myself. Wow, digital clean up is a bear.  But the end result…

13-Hook, Line, and Sinker

Galhara was a coastal city that had never been known for its horses—but I had. From childhood I spent as much time with them as I could, and had been known to do really stupid things like wander off and climb on any horse I met in the field. I did not differentiate between trained…


This sketch is from earlier this year, one of the first on my tablet that was any good. Still have a lot to learn about that tool–but I’m really enjoying it. The Sketchbook app by Autodesk is pretty nice. I’ve been using the free version, and flirting with the subscription. I think, though, that first…

electronic sketches

I bought a Surface Pro this spring, partly due to the drawing apps that you can use with it. It was a bigger learning curve than I was expecting, but I do love this tablet.