in-process acrylic

Snapped a picture of my current project–a little tribute to fox hunting, which is a big deal where I live. Before you panic, they don’t actually catch the fox these days. At least not the club I’ve been out with. These hounds don’t even know what they are chasing, but they do love to chase.

Why do people fox hunt? Because following a pack of hounds hot on a scent over hill and dale, finding a trail wherever they take you, is loads of fun. It’s also kinda crazy and dangerous, because excitement and obstacles and stuff. Truly, though, I feel plenty safe when we’re cantering down a narrow trail. It’s the standing around waiting for the hounds to find something–that’s the part I don’t like! Maybe because my mount hates waiting and starts creating entertainment after 5 minutes.

One of these days I will think to put down the background before starting on the fun stuff in the foreground. But it is not this day.


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