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Looking for Zare? Click here for Episode 44!

I have rewritten the next post in Zare’s story–almost entirely–3 times. I’ve been pecking at it for weeks in between work, holidays, and hours spent studying for my exams.

It got a little better, but still wasn’t what it should be. I thought and thought about it. Once exams were behind me, I tried to give myself time to be quiet (did chores without music or audio books). That helped, but the episode wasn’t fixed yet.

Finally, I gave up and read a book (Crown of Midnight, if you’re curious) and was filled with a deep desire to write. So I wrote. Re-wrote, really.

Finally, finally, I feel like the story has a heading again. The episode is ringing true. It’s not done (I suspect I won’t feel it is until I’ve got at least an entire episode or two after it written) but it’s just a matter of tweaking now. There shouldn’t be thousand word restarts for this baby. Not anymore.

I hope.


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